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Applying for Support

The Foundation has a Research Advisory Committee (“RAC”) whose primary role is to review the suitability of all requests for funding. The Foundation awards grants based on the recommendations of the RAC.  Each member has been actively involved in research for many years.

Conditions of funding:

  • Funding is provided for specific research projects rather than salaries. Project costs may include a component for support staff, but the Foundation will not support salary costs for the Chief Investigator. 
  • The Foundation does not pay for overseas travel.

  • Only one application will be considered from each principal researcher.

  • The Foundation does not offer top-up grants to NHMRC or ARC projects.

  • Grants are provided to Australian research institutions.


NFMRI recognises the valuable time researchers and reviewers spend preparing and assessing applications for support.

To assist in managing this valuable resource, NFMRI asks all applicants to firstly complete and submit an expression of interest form.  Shortlisted expressions of interest will be invited to submit a more detailed application relevant to the portfolio identified in their EOI.

Prior to completing the EOI all applicants should read and understand the information relating to the support provided by the Foundation.  Particularly, applicants should review their application’s strategic fit with the mission of the Foundation,  our three research portfolios and consider how their research advances innovation, noting any nominated areas of priority.

NFMRI is particularly interested in receiving expressions of interest that align with portfolios 2 and 3 of our strategy. 

Applicants will find the Foundation’s NFMRI Introduction V1.2 and strategy document NFMRI Impact giving helpful and strongly advise applicants to consider these when preparing their EOI and applications.


Portfolio 3 Expressions of Interest

To assist the advancement of later stage research projects crossing the “valley of death”, NFMRI will accept expressions of interest from researchers at any time.  These will be reviewed by the RAC in association with funding opportunities and will assist the foundation communicate opportunities with donors.  Given the stage of the research, it is anticipated that EOI would be prepared with the assistance of the relevant industry engagement office.

Download the Portfolio 3 EOI form NFMRI P3 EOI FORM VP3.2.1 Final for web


2014 Grant Round Applications

Expressions of Interest have now closed

NFMRI thanks all applicants who have submitted an EOI. Shortlisted expressions of interest.

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